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A lovely customized wedding caricature!

Customized caricatures are always effort taking yet interesting. The concept decides the fun and beauty of it. We could do a wonderful wedding caricature of a lovely couple recently. Their concept was like, the bridegroom should do chin up in traditional Kerala attire as he is a fitness freak and the bride trying to wear him the garland but not reaching. To indicate their first meeting place, we had to show Red Fort also in the background 🙂 Such a lovely concept right?

Step 1: Pencil scribble for approval
Step 2: Starting with faces – pencil drawing
Step 3:  water colouring
Step 4: Colour pencil touch
Step 5: Body drawing
Step 6: Combination of manual and digital works – wedding card front page
Step 7: The wedding card design
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Testimonial from the happy customer!

Wedding caricature for a lovely couple

A lovely wedding caricature for a lovely couple. Customization was done on the costumes as per the customer’s suggestions. We are always happy to do couples caricature because we too feel the love and warmth among them through their brief and discussions 🙂 Please feel free to contact us through mail or phone.

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It’s wedding time…

wedding caricature

Yes, wedding bells are ringing…It’s the wedding season and lot of couples are in search of unique wedding card designs. As we have mentioned before, caricature based wedding cards are a big trend now. These lovely Hindu couples were interested in doing their wedding card on temple related theme. We were so happy to know that they are happy with our work and we value their testimonial as well.

Couples caricature for Thanks card & Guest book

It was really nice to work with the parents of bride in Bangalore, since the bride and groom were in San Francisco. Their concept was to show Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco as the background and the couples walking in the beach. The client was really happy with the final output. It was used for thanks card and guest book printing.