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A lovely art loving couple

It is always interesting to work for the genuine art lovers. Appreciation from customers is the most valuable thing for an artist. We could work for such a couple last day. They were happy with the handmade portrait done in a colourful way.


Art lovers from UK again!

While heading over to workplace last day, it was indeed a pleasure of getting such a nice family as our customers. True art lovers in all sense. Even their cats were lucky enough to get their portraits done 🙂 Mr.Giles Vincent Edwards & Mrs.Johanna Vincent Edwards from UK were on their visit to Dubai. Being away from home, the portraits were a unique gift for their kids and pets while they are back.

Their son was so fond of superman, so a superman based caricature was done for him.The final products were delivered on time at Novotel Dubai Al Barsha. Their art love really helped us to do the work in a much better way and of course it reflected in the quality of work as always. We are specially thankful to them for sharing their valuable time happily for our photo session.

Different steps of portrait drawing are below.

Step1: Starting from pencil scribble
Pencil Scribble
Step2: Water colour treatment
Water colour treatment


Step3: Now it’s time for pencil touch
Pencil touch on water coloured images
Pencil touch
Step4: Framing
Step5: Delivery. Happy customers for a photo session. Delivered at Novotel Dubai Al Barsha
Framed portraits in their hotel.
Framed portrait in their hotel.

Another lovely couple’s portrait…

One of our latest couples portrait. We do the portraits from photograph. It takes approximately 1 hour to complete a couples portrait. 100% hand madework in water colour on handmade paper.

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Kid’s funny caricature with superman cartoon

7Kids are always fond of super natural characters. This lovely boy too was not an exceptional. He loved to get his caricature with superman theme. 100% handmade work with water colour and pencil treatment.

For more info: mail@artude.com

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056 429 8021(Dubai)



A perfect gift for fathers!


This lovely handmade caricature was done for a beloved father from her daughter on his retirement. The client was so happy in receiving it. And the body part was chosen from our templates. We have a wide variety of templates apt for kids to elders to choose from. http://artude.com/caricaturetemplates.html

Please call for more details to: +91 9986713562

Portrait of Virat Kohli


Latest work from Artude. Portrait of #Virat Kohli. Done in water colour and pencil treatment. Canvas texture paper is used as the base.

Virat Kohli is the Indian international cricketer who currently captains the Indian team in Test cricket and the shining youth icon.