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Customized farewell gift caricature!

It was quite interesting to do this customized caricature for a boss as a farewell gift. Interesting in all aspects like its concept, the medium we used (100% handmade) etc. It was done for the global company – “Multiplex” in Dubai. The concept was provided by the client as a sample work. We did this work completely handmade in A3 size. The medium used was water colour and colour pencils. The final product was framed and delivered in the client’s place. And we are happy that they loved it!!!

Mr.Alan – The hero of the caricature
Step 1: Starting from the pencil scribble
Step 2: Marker touch over the pencil scribble
Step 3: Now it’s time for water colouring
Step 4: Water colour 2nd coat
Step 5: Time for colour pencil treatment
Step 6: Minute pencil touch for fine tuning
alan caricature-web
The final caricature
The framed caricature ready for delivery.
happy customer with caricature
Finally!!! Mr.Alan enjoying his surprise caricature along with his colleagues.

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Another happy customers!!!

8It was yet another day of appreciation from a lovely couples. The portrait was done in water colour and a slight pencil touch. They were really happy with this gift portrait.

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Contact us: mail@artude.com

Mob: +91 9986713562 (Bangalore)

Mob: 056 429 8021 (Dubai)

Handmade portraits/sketches of kids

Kids are always fond of super natural characters like spider man, iron man, super man etc. This loving kid too was so fond of super man character. And he was so excited to see his caricature finally.7100% handmade caricature.

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Mob. +91 9986713562(Bangalore)

Mob. 056 429 8021(Dubai)

Portrait Art/Sketch Art

Portrait art or sketch art is a new trend in gifting now. Our portrait/sketch works are 100% handmade doing with water colour and colour pencils. We send hi-res scanned copy of the manual work for abroad clients. Currently we are doing live sketch art in Dubai and Bangalore. Please send your queries to: +91 9986713562 or mail to mail@artude.com


Portrait gifts for your loved ones.


Portraits always depicts the real features of a person. Realistic art lovers always go for portraits rather than caricatures. Because caricatures always reveals the funny side of a person with big head and small body with some funny elements added.

Portraits are a good way of gifting for art lovers. We do our portraits in water colour and pencil treatment. The final product will be delivered with frame to the desired destination.

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