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Portrait of a beautiful daughter!

Recently a family got done a portrait of their beloved daughter. They were really happy with our product and we were really happy to get their testimonial 🙂 We value the client’s satisfaction more than anything else. They were really an art loving family.

We do live caricatures and portraits for events and parties. Also we take orders for the same and deliver to the door step.

Please contact us for your queries:

E mail: mail@artude.com

Mob: +91 9986713562 (Bangalore)

Mob: +971 056 4298021 (Dubai)

A lovely art loving couple

It is always interesting to work for the genuine art lovers. Appreciation from customers is the most valuable thing for an artist. We could work for such a couple last day. They were happy with the handmade portrait done in a colourful way.


Portrait of 2 energetic & pretty butterflies from UK!!!

picWe were lucky enough to do the portrait of two real art lovers from UK recently. While their visit to Dubai, we got this opportunity. Normally the customer’s interest and passion reflects in all our art works. That’s the reason, this work came out well and the customers were really happy. We delivered the product in Auris Metro Central Hotel Apartments finally.

Passionate customers…
Step 1: Pencil Scribble
Step 2: Marker touching
Step 3: Water colour treatment
Step 4: Final touch with colour pencil
Step 5: Framing
Step 6: Delivery at the desired destination (Auris Metro Central Hotel Apartments)
Final step: Client’s feedback 🙂

Portrait gifts for your loved ones.


Portraits always depicts the real features of a person. Realistic art lovers always go for portraits rather than caricatures. Because caricatures always reveals the funny side of a person with big head and small body with some funny elements added.

Portraits are a good way of gifting for art lovers. We do our portraits in water colour and pencil treatment. The final product will be delivered with frame to the desired destination.

Please call in +91 9986713562 for more details.

Or mail us to mail@artude.com

Portrait of Virat Kohli


Latest work from Artude. Portrait of #Virat Kohli. Done in water colour and pencil treatment. Canvas texture paper is used as the base.

Virat Kohli is the Indian international cricketer who currently captains the Indian team in Test cricket and the shining youth icon.