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Personalized Farewell Gift for a Friend…


Our latest work of personalized caricature. We really enjoy doing personalized caricatures. The background, costumes, properties and actions are completely followed in a personalized work. Hi res photo is mandatory for the best output. Output can be soft copy as well as hard copy. This is a 100% handmade work using water colour and colour pencils.

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Another farewell gift/retirement gift for a Managing Director

ILF Caricature for web
Final Output
final photo
The photo which we followed for caricature

We got the opportunity to do this wonderful retirement caricature gift for the MD of ILF company in Abu Dhabi. Working with their team member was a good experience for us. It was their idea to showcase their MD’s cabin with some properties. The type writer machine shown depicts his passion for learning type writing, but he couldn’t finish it yet :). For the perfect output, the real images of his cabin were sent to us in different angles. So it helped us to visualize the background in proper way. More than 100 mail conversations were done before sending the final artwork. Kudos to the team members for their effort in making it possible. Thank you team ILF for giving this wonderful opportunity! Step by step pictures of drawing follows..

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  • Mob: +91 9986713562 (Bangalore)
  • Mob: +971 564298021 (Dubai)
  • email: mail@artude.com
pencil scribble
Pencil Scribble for client’s approval
Starting from the plain paper
B&W line drawing 

Unique farewell gift for boss


Above is a farewell gift caricature done for a corporate company in Bangalore. It is a 100% handmade work done on thick art paper in water colour and colour pencil treatment. But finally the output will be delivered as both hard copy and hi-res soft copy. As the person was a foreigner, the client’s requirement was to give him Indian attire. As the caricature is done from photograph, we do these kind of work coming anywhere from the world. Very clear photo of the person is very mandatory. The client was so happy with our output finally! Do call us for your enquiries to: +91 9986713562 or mail to mail@artude.com