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Farewell gift again!!

We were lucky again to do another exciting farewell gift for a wonderful team. The concept was racing as he was a wonderful racer. We could visualize Mr.Nicholas Papai in his racing car. The concept was completely given by the client and they were finally happy with the product. Colour of the car, colour of jacket, car number and each and every minute details were customized as per the client’s request.

It was a handmade caricature drawn using water colour and colour pencil on texture paper. The final product was delivered with good quality frame.

Each steps of making the caricature follows.

Mr.Nicholas Papai – The real hero of the caricature 🙂
Step 1: Pencil scribble and marker pen
Step 2: Marker pen drawing completed
Step 3: Now it’s time to do water colour
Step 4: Water colour second coat
Step 5: Time to do pencil touch
Step 6: Pencil touch completed
Completed Product
The final caricature in frame

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Caricatures with suitable cartoon body


One of our latest caricature work done for a real art lover in Dubai.He was so happy to get it done from us. The final product was delivered with frame without glass because he had to carry it abroad. Normally it takes 20 to 25 minutes for completion. Taking more time helps to get the better product. We have wide variety of cartoon characters for the body part. People can choose their favorite character. It s a best surprise gifting idea too. For that we work from photograph. Now we have expanded our services to Dubai as well.



Hand made caricature for gifting…

Recently we got an order for a gift caricature in hand made treatment. It was a lovely gift from a wife to her dear hubby. The work was really interesting since it was a funny character they chose.

caricature gift artude

We started from b&w line drawing…

Now it’s colouring session…

Final work before and after framing…We provide the soft copy as well…

Wow! It’s ready to wrap!!!

caricature drawing 8

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