Caricature as a gift

Caricature as a return gift for birthday parties and corporate parties are so common now. As it is a unique one, lot of people opt it as the return gift. Children as well as adults enjoy the thrill of live caricature. Artude caricature has attended lot of live caricature programs in Bangalore. Below are the pictures of some of our events. Theme based birthday parties are very special. 21673_381772501901603_990489301_n 29614_396628550415998_440717640_n

Couples Caricature

We have done lots of couples caricature. Most of them are for wedding invitation purpose. Now it has become a trend to do the invitations with the caricature of couples. Our clients give us different concepts based on their life. It’s really a thrilling job to create such concepts for them. And the real thrill comes when we get their response after seeing it. One of such a work is below. More works will be updated in the upcoming days…

Couples Caricature with cricket theme.
Couples Caricature with cricket theme.

Caricature of celebrities



Some people are so crazy about getting done of their favourite movie stars’ caricature. This is one of such caricature of Amitabh Bachan done a long back. We have lot of requirements of celebrities’ caricature here in Bangalore. Now the new stars are blooming and some of its works are going on. Expect a rocking one without much delay…

Black and white caricature



Caricaturing is an art, which exaggerates the funny features of a person. The caricature artist gets a spark about a person’s funny side, at the moment he sees him/her.

Some people always prefer black and white caricatures. Yes, it has a different feel. This one is done for a mom-to-be for her husband as a special father’s day gift! This caricature depicts his love for bull dogs and at the same time, the hectic life, after the birth of their baby..

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