Personalized Caricature Gift from Team Members…

It was another interesting personalized caricature work which we could do for Unilever-Dubai. It was a team gift to their Executive Vice President. One of the team members explained us the brief in a good way. They suggested the outfit of the person, the background monuments etc. etc. And they provided the best quality photo for this purpose. Good quality photos are very important to get the best output.

Personalized Caricature Gift from Team Members.

We drew a rough scribble from their concept for approval. The work was started after finalizing it.

It was done 100% handmade. The well experienced artist could do it exactly like in the client’s mind and they were really happy to see the final product 🙂

The Real Hero in the Caricature
Finally, the Client’s Testimonial!

Gifting something personalized and handmade makes it more valuable. The pleasure in receiving such a unique gift is really amazing! That is the reason many corporate companies look for personalized handmade caricature gifts from us. Our artist has many years of experience in this field and his art direction skills help us to make each and every work beautiful in its own manner.

If you are interested in our works, please do contact us for your requirements. We are always happy to help you!

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Dubai & Qatar Whatsapp: +971 056 4298021 

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