Live Caricature for Personal Parties…

Live caricature is an attraction for personal parties like birthday parties, wedding anniversary parties, naming ceremony parties etc. We could attend a wonderful birthday party celebration recently at Atlantis hotel in Dubai. It was a surprise gift for a lovely wife from her husband. When the husband and wife reached outside the hall (she has no idea of the party at all), all the lights were put off and when they entered, the guests wished her with colourful lights and musics as the background. The most surprising thing was hidden behind the big curtain, it was nothing but an Audi R8 car.

We do colour caricatures with many interesting cartoon characters for live caricature. This time the client’s requirement was to do black and white.

The artist was moving to each table of guests and drawing the caricature of interested guests. Many art lovers made it done and appreciated our work. Few pictures from the venue follows:

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